Himolla Recliners

Comfortable, Cozy, Inviting Recliners by Himolla. Quality from Bavaria.
Available at Chair Land. Established Since 2007

Himolla Recliners. Quality from Bavaria

Built with only the finest materials. Individual quality, timeless design and unlimited well-being. Heavenly, Cozy, Inviting. 

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Himolla Recliners are comfortable, cozy and inviting armchairs. Made with only the finest materials by Himolla Polstermobel these recliners feature leather as unique and individual as a fingerprint.

In a world of compromises, Himolla USA makes none, building functional, aesthetic and heavenly comfort into their furniture based on the Himolla “Quality from Bavaria” standard.

What is “Quality from Bavaria?” 

Germans are well known for their demand for quality. This is true even for furniture making, where they have instituted laws around producing at a minimum standard of quality, which, compared to other countries, is quite high. At Himolla, the design staff institute an even stricter quality assurance standard for each piece of furniture to meet.

Himolla deploys continuous training programs and a lengthy apprenticeship program to ensure workers are given the best tools available to make the finest possible furniture for customers. This results in furniture that is durable and reliable, but also ingrained with unrivaled beauty.

Himolla works with the very best tanneries across Europe to find the finest leathers to use on their recliners. The leathers are graded according to thickness and the level of embossing so that there is a leather suitable for every model design. All leathers are rigorously tested for quality and endurance in their in-house laboratories.

From German artisans to European leaders in armchairs and sofas , the name Himolla has stood for a unique combination of function and comort, offering luxurious design, innovation and relaxation for almost 70 years. Watch this video on Himolla’s “Quality from Bavaria.”

Himolla Recliners at Chair Land Furniture Outlet

Chair Land is proud to carry Himolla recliners in our Outlet Store.

While others in the area will floor chairs made with lesser materials, and blended or bonded leathers, we carry only 100% top grain leather chairs like our line of Himolla Armchairs.  And still at the guaranteed lowest price.

You’ll find our selection of Himolla Recliners at our Chair Land Furniture Outlet Showroom in Oldsmar. Visit our Himolla Recliner Shop page and then contact us to set up an appointment to come sit in these heavenly comforable chairs.

Himolla Aura recliner - congac
Himolla Aura recliner with sofa


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