Fjords Mustang Recliner

Our Fjords Mustang recliner from Fjords by Hjellegjerde is the picture of Norwegian quality and craftsmanship.

The Mustang Recliner is engineered with the Fjords Active Release System™ and the  Fjords Flexi-head Pillow™, allowing you to adjust the pillow up or down to perfectly cradle your neck. This ergonomic design provides continuous support and comfort making for an exceptional sitting experience

The base is produced in laminated, stained wood and you can choose between two different bases. The Fjords Mustang recliner chair is available in two sizes, small and large. Comes with a matching Ottoman.

Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Chairs ship fully assembled. (0% sales tax applicable when shipped outside the State of Florida).


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Fjords Mustang Recliner Leather

 You’ll find the  Fjords Mustang available in 2 quick ship leather colors: Nordic Line Black and Nordic Line Stone.
Nordic Line
The Fjords Nordic Line is a fully protected top grain leather which undergoes careful processing to ensure a finished product that is more resistant to liquids and sunlight. This treatment also protects Nordic Line leather from stains and minor wear while reducing everyday maintenance to an absolute minimum.
A perfect choice for furniture that is heavily used.
Soft Line
The Fjords Soft Line has a unique softness and natural feeling for added comfort. Soft Line leather is treated with a delicate, protective finish that protects against stains and improves resistance to liquids. Soft Line is an ideal solution for families that want to enjoy the pleasure of quality leather furniture without having to alter their normal routines in order to maximize the life of their furniture.
Astro Line
Semi-anilin: Although the term is typically defined as being only partially aniline dyed, aniline dyeing is in fact only part of the process. The term semi-aniline means that some surface pigments have been applied to the natural leather to even out tones, mask blemishes and make it more resistant to liquids. Compared to pure aniline leather, semi-aniline leathers offer improved resistance to spills and environmental factors. Astro Line leather is slightly thicker than other furniture leather while still maintaining a natural softness and excellent resistance to wear and tear.
Fjords Mustang Recliner Small

W: 31″
H: 39 3/4″
D: 31 3/4″

Fjords Mustang Recliner Large

W: 33 1/2″
H: 41 3/4″
D: 31 3/4″


W: 19.5″
H: 17 ”
D: 18.5″


Additional information

Nordic Line

NL 121 Sandel, NL 117 Nature, NL 128 Cappucino, NL 120 Havana, NL 126 Red, NL 116 Brodeaux, NL 129 Walnut, NL 130 Stone, NL 101 Black, NL 131 Granite

Soft Line

SL 213 Vanilla, SL 226 Light Grey, SL 209 Porcelain, SL 228 Stark White, SL 215 Sable, SL 224 Hassel, SL 208 Tigereye, SL 225 Nougat, SL 214 Cacao, SL 222 Chocolate, SL 229 Latte, SL 219 Ferrari, SL 223 Cherry, SL 201 Black, SL 227 Grey, SL 235 Navy, SL 265 Seagreen

Astro Line

AL 538 White, AL 539 Safari, AL 540 Anthracite, AL 535 Dark Brown, AL 525 Tobasco, AL 510 Black, AL 552 Tan, AL 529 Latte, AL 551 Grey

Wood Base Colors

Nature, P40/Oak, Teak, Cherry, Mahogany, Expresso, Black, Chocolate, Grey


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